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The End of WarDest3ny Blog

Hi there everyone, how are you ??...I have some Good News and Bad News, the Good News is that i released a new blog, called "Dragon Ball Music Spot", and the Bad News is...This blog has been inserted an "Malware Distributor" by someone, i dont know who he is, so i decided to not going to bring any updates to WarDest3ny Blog...This maybe the end of WarDest3ny Blog, but we are WarDest3ny Teams, we're not easily give up, so we going to check the blog and remove that Malware Distributor for good !, so we can update this blog some more !, we going to bring you the results tomorrow, so dont be scared of our blog when we say the Malware's vanished !, OK ??...Anyway, here's the link to the "Dragon Ball Music Spot" : WWW.DRAGONBALLMUSICSPOT.BLOGSPOT.COM ...Hope all of you enjoy !...And dont forget not to be here for to long, or your computer will get Malwares !

WarDest3ny Teams

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